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Baptism of FHIR - Slideshare.net/ekivemark

A Baptism of FHIR – A Layman’s Intro

Yesterday I gave a brief overview of FHIR to colleagues at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where I am on assignment as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence working on a next generation BlueButton for Medicare Beneficiaries.

Baptism of FHIR - Slideshare.net/ekivemark

There is an amazing amount of interest in HL7’s Fast Health Interoperability Resource Framework. I am using FHIR as the basis for the next generation BlueButton service at CMS: #BlueButtonOnFHIR.

More and more people are wanting to understand what FHIR is and how it works. I know I am still learning. What I have discovered is that there is an amazing FHIR community that is willing to share, advice and support this Open Source Initiative.

This deck: A Baptism of FHIR. was designed as a quick high-level introduction to some of the concepts that are behind FHIR.

You can link to the presentation on Slideshare here: http://www.slideshare.net/ekivemark/a-baptism-of-fhir-the-laymans-intro-to-hl7-fhir

#BlueButton on #FHIR – Escapades as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at CMS – #Health2STAT

Entrepreneur-In-Residence at CMS

Building the next generation of BlueButton Platform for Medicare Beneficiaries. I am building BlueButton on the open source HL7 FHIR Platform. This will create a RESTAPI with standard structured Data formats that will enable 50+ Million beneficiaries to connect their health information to the applications, services and research programs that they trust.

This evening I was presenting about my work at #Health2Stat in Bethesda (Thursday August 20th, 2015).

Here is the presentation from the evening:

BlueButton on FHIR - Welcome to the Consumer-Powered Health Revolution