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#BlueButton on #FHIR – Escapades as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at CMS – #Health2STAT

Entrepreneur-In-Residence at CMS

Building the next generation of BlueButton Platform for Medicare Beneficiaries. I am building BlueButton on the open source HL7 FHIR Platform. This will create a RESTAPI with standard structured Data formats that will enable 50+ Million beneficiaries to connect their health information to the applications, services and research programs that they trust.

This evening I was presenting about my work at #Health2Stat in Bethesda (Thursday August 20th, 2015).

Here is the presentation from the evening:

BlueButton on FHIR - Welcome to the Consumer-Powered Health Revolution

#BlueButton Plus – The Movie

Last week I whipped up a one take video to demonstrate the work I am doing for CMS to create a BlueButton Data Service. The original video was intended to show internal folks what we are trying to create.

Ryan Panchadsaram, Deputy CTO at the White House took my very rough cut and turned it in to the most awesome Movie Trailer mashup. It includes cameo appearances from Dave DeBronkhart (@epatientdave) and Todd Park (@todd_park).

Thanks Ryan! Total Awesomeness!
The original video is here: