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Updated:Building a Healthcare Big Data Platform in the Cloud with @Datastax

Update: The date of the Webinar has been changed to: monday August 18th.

On August 18th, at Noon ET, I will be presenting on a Webinar with Datastax about building a Cloud-based Big Data platform for the Healthcare software division of Fortune 50 company using Datastax.

You can sign up for the webinar here: http://learn.datastax.com/WebinarDataStaxEnterpriseintheCloudHowthisFortune50HealthcareCompanyTurnedBigDataintoBigAnswers.html?utm_source=web&utm_medium=resources&utm_campaign=gtro4

This webinar will bring the presentation I delivered to a group in Boston, in May 2014, to a wider audience. I hope you can join me.

Building Big Data HealthCare Solutions in the cloud

I have just finished giving a presentation with Datastax on building HealthCare Big Data Solutions in the cloud.

Here are the slides from the session:

Travis Price also rounded out the session with a high level tutorial on Cassandra and a really cool demonstration of the robustness of the Datastax platform using a stack of Raspberry Pi computers configured running a version of Debian Linux and Datastax Enterprise configured as two 5-Node datacenters in a cluster.

The Raspberry Pis were configured with 512MB RAM, an SD Card as a drive and a USB-connected WiFi.It is a great way to show how Datastax works around and recovers hardware failures.