#onc2015 Delivery Reform. A panel moderated by @SusanDentzer

The Monday Afternoon session kicks off with a panel session on Health Information and Delivery System Reform

Panel: Use – Health Information and Delivery System Reform (International Ballroom)

  • Moderator: Susan Dentzer, Senior Health Policy Advisor, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (@SusanDentzerWeb Site Disclaimers)
  • Patrick Conway, M.D., Deputy Administrator for Innovation & Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (@CMSGov)
  • John Blair, IPA, Hudson Valley
  • Lew Sandy, M.D., EVP of Clinical Advancement, UnitedHealth Group (@myUHCWeb Site Disclaimers)

Talking about more efficient, higher quality system where people are incentivized to deliver better care.… [More...]

#ONC2015 Innovative Interoperability moderated by : @claudiawilliams

Share – Innovative Interoperability: Open APIs, Patient Engagement, and Health Innovation (International Ballroom)


#ONC2015 Jon White Introduces the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

Jon White, Acting Deputy National Coordinator at ONCHIT introduces the next session:

20M Veterans eligible for care through the Veterans Administration

# Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

  • Barclay Butler, Ph.D., Director, Healthcare Technology Integration, Defense Health Agency
  • Seth Pazinski, Director Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Analysis, ONC (@SethPazinskiWeb Site Disclaimers)

Seth Pazinski introduces the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020

  1. Overview of the process
  2. Key Priorities
  3. Request for participation and support in shaping the plan


Fourth iteration of the plan.… [More...]

#ONC2015 Collect Big Data and Health Information to Improve Population and Public Health (

#ONC2015 Wen Dombrowski moderator of a panel to discuss Big Data. Panelists:

Collect – Big Data and Health Information: Improving Population and Public Health (International Ballroom)

Q: What are the opportunities and challenges with collecting Data:

Ivor Horn

Working with underserved patients and families.… [More...]

#ONC2015 Opening Remarks from Karen DeSalvo @KBDeSalvo

I am live blogging from the #ONC2015 Annual Meeting. Follow the stream on Twitter at #ONC2015

Opening Remarks

Karen DeSalvo reflects on her first year at ONCHIT. Her focus:

  • Break down silos using Interoperability
  • Listen to partners and collaborators

Moving from a 10 year catalyst role in stimulating Health IT and moving to a focus on Interoperability.… [More...]

#ONC2015 Annual meeting

Today and tomorrow I am at the ONC Annual Meeting in Washington. I will be live blogging from the sessions.

The event is being held at the Washington Hilton, Connecticut Ave, Washington DC. There are a number of healthca.mp participants here. It will be great to catch up with them.




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