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#NATE/HIE Conference – Communication Medication Management (HealthLINC

At the NATE/HIE Conference:

Community Medication Management

Chronic Disease is a growing National Crisis. By 2030 Half of the population will have one or more chronic conditions.

Drug-related problems are real problems. We spend more on the problems with taking medicines than we spend on the meds themselves.

The Average is 13 prescriptions.
Increasing use of expensive specialty medications


  • Medication List Discrepancy (80% of Drug Therapy Problems – DTP)

Drug Therapy Problems:
– Cardio Vascular
– Pysch

These are the top two categories with DTPs.

Coordinated Medication Management can significantly reduce hospitalizations by performing a risk scoring of patients to identify the high risk patients.

NATE/HIE Conference – NATE easing Patient Engagement in Health Care

Aaron Seib is presenting the work of NATE (The National Association of Trusted Exchange) and the BlueButton Trust Bundle for Consumer Facing Applications at the NATE/HIE Conference in Deer Valley UT.

The inaugural members of the trust bundle, which includes Medyear, are at this conference. The NATE BlueButton Trust bundle makes it easy for health systems to establish a trusted connection with patients through client facing applications. Check out the NBB4C.

Since Patient Engagement is seen as one of the major factors in achieving meaningful change in healthcare this is a critical development.

NATE is helping to address 4 major barriers:
1. NBB4C is not ubiquitous across provider organizations
2. EMR workflows aren’t designed to receive data from consumers
3. Need to motivate consumers to get involved (by making it easier for them to get involved)
4. A Common on-ramp is needed for consumers, Providers and Payers. (Virtual Clipboard).

Best Quote:

Abraham Lincoln:

“You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should be doing for themselves.”

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I am currently HHS Entrepreneur-in-Residence working on an assignment to update BlueButton for Medicare Beneficiaries. This involves creating a Data API. Watch out for more about BlueButton on FHIR.

The views expressed on this blog are my own.

I am also a Patient Engagement Advisor, CTO and Co-Founder to Medyear is a powerful free tool that helps you collect, organize and securely share health information, however you want. Manage your own health records today.

Medyear: Less Hassle, Better Care.

#NATE/HIE Conference – Deer Valley UT

I am at the NATE/HIE Conference in Deer Valley, UT.

Tomorrow I am presenting multiple workshops that build on the “Baptism of FHIR” presentation that I posted to Slideshare a few weeks ago There will be some new information – Like the first glimpse at a new Explanation of Benefit format.

Steve Posnack joined the conference via Google Hangouts.

ONC is looking for organizations like the HIE User Group to take a leadership role in fleshing out different areas of the Interoperability roadmap.

HL7 will be working on Consolidated CDA. HIEs bring implementation experience that will be invaluable input to the various work groups.

Implementation needs to consider business and policy issues if they are going to be successful.

Feedback indicates that Consolidated CDA are containing too much data (auto-generated by EMRs) and it is not presented well. eg. 1 page per lab result is not very user friendly.

CCDA v2.1 should look at improving the rendering experience.

Stage 3 Meaningful Use:
– Not much to say at the moment.
– Working to release as soon as possible.

FHIR Implementation
– DSTU2 is now published
– Working with the industry on FHIR implementation

Patient Matching:
Q: Can we standardize the demographic data used for patient matching

  • Standardizing key demographic data would be helpful.
  • Some work is being done with CCDA2.1
  • More work is needed on Patient Matching
  • Adam Culbertson as innovator in Residence gets a shout out by Steve P.

Filled Prescription Data:
– Can we get Pharmacy Systems to submit pharmacy data to HIEs

  • Patient Safety, Cost Efficiency, Process Improvement for Providers are all areas that provide incentive to improve data flows.
  • Medication History, Real time prescription Drug cost information
  • A lot of potential around Medication Adherence.

CFR Part 2. Consent requirements. Creates difficulties for data sharing with consent.
How can discussion with SAMSHA be promoted around protected data sharing with consent?

Linda Van Horn: Q on Data Breaches? – Are there any moves to improve protections around data?

  • Two-Factor Authentication. Open to input on use and applications of Multi-factor authentication

Q: Data Blocking? Can we report Data Blocking to ONC? Where?

ONC Released a report to congress on information Blocking.
ONC stood up a feedback and complaint web page related to the feedback page.

Information Blocking should include access with high charges for information access. eg. Surescripts 75c/patient per query.

ONC Certification Program includes certification bodies to perform surveillance on certified products.
They also have a requirement to respond to complaints relating to specific products.

Certification bodies can act on non-compliance to certification standards.