Caring and Sharing in HealthCare – Medyear’s Personal #Health Network platform

I have just completed a webinar with Sqrrl to present the Medyear Personal Health Network platform. We built Medyear using the highly secure Sqrrl big data platform. This enables us to give our members granular control offer their health data. BlueButton and Direct Project standards allow members to upload their clinical data and add their own chronicles in to their health timeline.

Medyear has been building this platform for some time. The industry is now starting to recognize the value of putting the patient at the center. How do we know this? Because they have now got a label for the platform that Medyear has built: The Consumer-Mediated Exchange. Basically a Health  Record Platform that puts the Patient in control.

Check out the deck from the webinar on my Slideshare account:

Goto Vimeo for a quick video tour of the Medyear platform: or goto to get your own account and try it out the beta platform for yourself.

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